Volunteering with Community Homeopathy 


We Welcome

Those with a strong dedication and commitment to providing quality homeopathic care and education.  Though we are not always accepting new clinicians, we are always happy to hear from anyone interested at any time.  To be considered for service in our community clinic, you should:

  1. Fill out the form below
  2. Meet MHI volunteer pre-requisites:
    • Complete the "Essential Curriculum for Learning Homeopathy"
      • For professional homeopaths (CCH, RSHom, or equivalent): This Curriculum may be completed as a self-study. Though this curriculum may prove to be very basic for those with a background and clinical experience in homeopathy, it is important that all of our volunteers familiarize themselves with it, as it is the foundation and format for supervising student shadows and interns. The curriculum can be purchased through Homeopaths without Borders here
      • For anyone (including licensed healthcare professionals) without prior homeopathic experience: this curriculum must be completed within an Introductory Homeopathy program, such as Baylight Center for Homeopathy's Intro to Homeopathy course.  In addition, these volunteers must also be enrolled in continuing homeopathic education to be considered for Community Homeopathy service.
  3. Come in for an interview
  4. Await a response while your application is considered by the MHI Board and Clinical Director.
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